Afternoon showbanner 2017

Total Fire Ban Information

Information from the Tasmanian Fire Service on a total fire ban - The Tasmania Fire Service has declared the continuation of the Total Fire Ban for Friday with dangerous fire weather conditions expected. The Total Fire Ban will remain in the south and will extend to the entire north and parts...

Interview - Dana Gingras (Monumental)

  The Hold Body Tattoo (from Canada) is a dance troupe from Canada - they are performing "Monumental" with live music by Godspeed You! Black Emperor this Friday and Saturday nights at the Princess Theatre (tickets at as part of Mini Mofo. I was joined in the studio this morning...

Video - Whale Saves Snorkeller

Check out this video - the footage shows a humpback whale pushing whale biologist Nan Hauser through the water to protect her from a nearby shark - it happened in September in the Cook Islands..