Afternoon showbanner 2017

Video - The Marvel Bunch

Have you been to see the Avengers - Infinity War yet? Here are some of the stars spruiking the movie on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - and includes our own Chris Hemsworth....    

Video - Prince - Nothing Compares To You

Huge news in the music world! The Prince Estate in collaboration with Warner Bros Records, has released the original version of Prince’s iconic song Nothing Compares To You. This previously unreleased version was recorded in 1984, six years before 1990’s classic reimagining by Sinead O’Connor, and before Prince started performing the...

Video - Harry the Con Man (Cheers)

Sad news today with the death of actor/magician and funny man Harry Anderson - star of TV comedy series Night Court. Harry got his big break before Night Court playing Harry the Con Man on Cheers - here he is in action in Cheers. 

Video - You Can Do It!

Today is World Elephant Day. So to acknowledge that fact here is a baby elephant trying his hardest - after a siesta to get mobile.  

Interview - Mel from the RSPCA 13/04/18

It is Black Friday the 13th and the RSPCA has some great black cat deals going today and also tomorrow. I caught up with RSPCA Tasmania Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator Mel Knight to find out more..