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WATCH! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4 Teaser

Praise Hecate! Netflix just announced that Part 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming out on New Year’s Eve.

Our favourite teenage witch will battle it out in another war and it seems the stakes keep getting higher.

Watch the teaser above!

Netflix describes Part 4 as: “The Eldritch Terrors descend upon Greendale [and] the coven must fight each terrifying threat one-by-one (The Weird, The Returned, The Darkness to name a few), all leading up to…The Void, which is the End of All Things.

"As the witches wage war, with the help of The Fright Club, Nick begins to slowly earn his way back into Sabrina's heart, but will it be too late?"

Sadly the series will end with part 4, so we can expect a lot of twists and turns as Sabrina hopefully saves the day and finds out exactly where she stands between her mortal and witch selves.