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Meet Kate Mooney aka The Flinders Island Wombat Lady

For over 20 years Kate has been looking after injured wombats on her 40-hectare property on Flinders Island. Kate has nursed over 100 injured, sick or orphaned wombats to health before returning the wombats back to the wild. The most famous wombat Kate has looked after is Derek who Kate nursed back to health after his mother was hit by a car. During a recent visit to Flinders Island Jules and Glenn we're given the opportunity to meet Kate and the wombats in her care. Kate told Jules and Glenn that the main danger or predator for a wombat is a car and drivers should take this into consideration when driving at night.

Here are some tips if you find orphaned or injured wildlife:

* It's illegal to have a pet wombat.
* If you see an injured wombat remove any threat to the animal.
* Only if safe to do so, contain the wombat in a quiet, dark and warm place.
* Don't feed the wombat.
* Keep handling to a minimum.
* Keep away from domestic animals and if possible, people.

Contact Bonorong Wildlife Rescue 0447 264 625 (all hours)

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