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Every weekday morning between 8am and 8.30am, Jules and Glenn give you the chance to win big with Nail that Noise.

Jules and Glenn will play the noise and then give you the chance to guess what it is to win cash!

Check out the wrong answers below and make sure you don't waste your guess!

Nail that Noise thanks to Roberts Mobile Carpets and Window Furnishings
– a member of the Style Flooring & Interiors Group.

Nail That Noise is back tomorrow morning and worth $520 - here are the wrong guesses so far -

- laying down the backdoor mat

- a clipboard or a folder being slapped down on the counter-top

- slamming a back door

- a ruler being lifted up and whacked on a table

- shutting the blinds 

- popping a balloon

- a nailgun

- sliding an aluminium screen door shut 

- swatting a fly

- shutting the glass door of a shower

- hitting a thong on a table-top

- using a nailgun

- slamming a screen door

- slapping a knife on the bench

- setting up a mousetrap

- using a clipboard - pulling up the metal bit on the top and letting it go

- slamming a chopping board down on the bench

- Jules dispatching a cockroach on the kitchen floor with a thong

- taking off or putting on a rubber glove 

- chopping the chicken wing tips off for Bridget Jones' dinner

- closing the lid on a plastic container

- closing the door of a microwave oven

- closing the door of a washing machine

- a swimming flipper being slapped down hard

- closing the chute on your air-fryer

- shutting the door on a microwave

- stretching a rubber band and flipping it against a hard surface

- a clipboard

- snapping or cracking a belt together

- banging your shoes together to remove the dirt 

- ripping out a shower mat after your shower

- someone using a nail gun

- shutting the letterbox 

- breaking the seal on a tin can

- a clapper-board from a movie shoot

- slapping some thongs together

- setting up or closing an ironing board

- bouncing a big ball

- banging a door knocker

- banging a container down on a work bench

- one of those old-fashioned ring binders

- whacking a belt

- dropping a book or magazine on a table

- bashing an egg flip against a bench

- a staple gun 

- turning the lock on a door

- flicking the sides of a lid down onto a container

- closing the rings of a ring binder folder

- knocking an ice cube tray onto the bench to get ice blocks out

- putting the lid on a pot

- something in the clothes dryer



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