TAS LCN LFM 90 Days of Giveaways 160x600 Wing

TAS LCN LFM 90 Days of Giveaways 160x600 Wing

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Every weekday morning between 8am and 8.30am, Jules and Glenn give you the chance to win big with Nail that Noise.

Jules and Glenn will play the noise and then give you the chance to guess what it is to win cash!

Check out the wrong answers below and make sure you don't waste your guess!

Nail that Noise thanks to Roberts Mobile Carpets and Window Furnishings
– a member of the Style Flooring & Interiors Group.

Nail That Noise is back tomorrow morning and worth $170 - here are the wrong guesses so far -


- shutting the cupboard door

- someone hitting a pool ball into it's pocket

- hitting or bouncing a tennis ball

- cutting through something and the knife hitting the cutting board

- putting a filter back into a heat pumo

- a double action mechanised rubber stamp

- putting an empty coffee cup on the table

- putting a chopping board down on a bench

- a stapler

- the lid on a pedal-bin closing



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