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Deadly road collision


Just after 8:35 this morning a crash occurred on Algona road between a white passenger bus which was travelling north on Algona road, and a black sedan that was travelling south.

As a result of that collision, a black sedan collided with another two vehicles that were also travelling north on Algona road. Two were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Inspector Jason Elmer described the collision, which killed a male driver and the female child rear seat passenger, as a tragedy.

'Crash investigations is currently on the scene. They're assessing the scene to identify the cause of the crash, so they will go through a very thorough process to determine the cause of the crash. Once we're able to determine what caused the collision, and a thorough investigation will follow from there.' 

The driver of the bus was taken through to the Royal Hobart Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, and a female driver of one of the other vehicles was also taken for assessment. 

'It's incredibly difficult for the emergency services who turn up to these scenes, and the public who witnesses these scenes,' Inspector Elmer said.

'It's traumatic for everyone involved, and the last thing we want to have to deal with.'

Inspector Jason Elmer is calling for any witnesses of the crash to contact the Kingston police station.

The crash brings the state's death total to 24 this year.