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Huntingfield thumbs up


Stage 1 of Kingborough's contentious Huntingfield development is set to go ahead after council gave the Housing Tasmania proposal a unanimous thumbs up at Monday afternoon's meeting. 

There's been vocal opposition to the new housing estate which will eventually see 450 homes added to the region, including concerns relating to environmental protection of the nearby Peter Murrell Reserve.

Councillor Gideon Cordover told the meeting Huntingfield complies with the planning scheme. 

"I like the environmental protections where they exist, I like the interconnectivity of the proposal to the extent that it exists, and I like that the affordable housing supply will be increased to the extent that it will under this development," he said. 

There were 22 representations against the affordable housing proposal, including concerns about environment, pets, the impact on adjacent properties and traffic.

Councillor Flora Fox warned more work is needed on safeguarding Peter Murrell. 

"If these issues are not addressed now - and the way they're trying to address them is by providing a 100-metre buffer zone, but that's going to be in conflict with the next stage - I think there is a lot more to be resolved here," said Cr. Fox. 

The Tasmanian Government sweetened the deal by pledging a new roundabout to service the estate off the Channel Highway, but not all councillors are confident it's signed and sealed. 

"I take my obligation to hold the government of the time's feet to the fire on the commitments that they have made to the community very seriously," said Councillor Christian Street.