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Slow-go for Neill-Fraser's appeal


Susan Neill Fraser's daughter says the family is shattered she'll be spending another Christmas behind bars after the latest hearing into her appeal.

Neill-Fraser is appealing her murder conviction over the Australia Day disappearance of her partner, Bob Chappell, from their yacht at Sandy Bay in 2009.

The wheels of justice are turning a little too slowly for some, with this morning's hearing dominated by discussion of exactly what evidence will be uncontested by both sides.

The lawyer who represented George Pell, Paul Galbally, appeared for the appellant via video link from Melbourne. 

Neill-Fraser looked on from Mary Hutchinson Women's Prison, where she's serving 23 years. 

As expected, the case will turn on sensational claims by purported eyewitness Meaghan Vass, who claimed she saw someone else attack Mr Chappell on the yacht that night. 

It's come to light after Tasmania brought in new "fresh and compelling evidence" laws in 2015 permitting more than one appeal against a sentence. 

Another hearing is expected in the new year although a date is yet to be fixed.

Outside the Appeals Court in Hobart on Friday, Neill-Fraser's daughter Sarah Bowles questioned whether her mother will ever see justice while the case remains in Tasmania. 

"We have an excellent legal team, but from from what I just witnessed in there it does feel very much like while this runs in Tasmania we have limited hope, I feel, of getting a positive outcome," she told reporters. 

"My kids really miss her...we're never going to get this time back again." 

Image: Sarah Bowles (R) outside the Appeals Court on Friday morning (Alex Jackson)